Monday, February 28, 2005

Favicon in the address bar

So I have a cool little favicon now (that's the little icon in the address bar up there). It was really easy to make I just used the form below to 'browse' to the image that I wanted to use and hit 'generate FavIcon' and it made it for me. Then I just upload it to the UTC server, and place this code in my header:
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/ico" href="your_server_path/favicon.ico">

Give it a try below.

Select Image:

FavIcon from Pics

Oscars/Moviegoer Awards

Well if you're looking for something to read about the Oscars then here it is.
The winners (official website)
video clips from the Oscars
Serveral bloggers 'liveblogged' the Oscars:

I also thought this was interesting:
Moviegoer Awards -Best Picture:'The Passion of the Christ' -That's really cool.

Bush fired Dan Rather? That's news to me Vladimir Putin, CBS News Loyalist -- Mar. 07, 2005:
'Putin thought we'd fired Dan Rather,' says a senior [Whitehouse] Administration official. 'It was like something out of 1984.'

I wonder if any of the rest of the world thinks this? How could somebody get such bad information. Putin obviously doesn't know how this democracy stuff works. The government doesn't fire news people. Just the thought of that happening gives me chills. Is this yet another reason the world dislikes the US so much. Could it be that they are just really confused. They think we're hypocrites because they don't understand what's going on? This is just further evidence that the rest of the world is crazy and that no other place in the world will ever be anything like the US.

Hotel colored people - Views - Tongue Tied - Campus Complaints; Higher Education Woes (half way down the page):
"In a meeting last month with members of the Democratic Black Caucus, [Howard] Dean said, 'You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? Only if they had the hotel staff in here."
Dean says the charges of racial insensitivity are political motivated and has refused to apologize.
I don't know how I feel about this, but its certainly interesting. On one hand I'm glad that he is not real concerned about being politically correct. But on the other hand those are some pretty harsh words. I would have at least apologized for such Blatant discrimination. I wonder what the reaction in the room was? I bet everybody got really quiet.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Chopping logs

There's something about splitting wood that's very manly. There's something inherently rugged about using a heavy simple tool, that makes a man feel like a man. The sound of wood splitting is one of the most satisfying sounds in the world. I chopped down a tree with my dad the other day and then hauled it off to the BCM where I split it later. It was the first time this year that I've split logs and it felt really good, just me the maul, the logs, and the rhythm of the swing. Sweat began to bead on my brow and I felt tired but refreshed after I finished. If you need a break from you computer (and you probably do) you should try it for yourself.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


No more little ads poking down from the chatterbox. No more wait for it to load. No more ugly buttons at the top, And no more chatterbox. I've been looking for a new chatterbox program lately, since it was being stupid. It started displaying things like, "Bush wants to make blogging illegal" and other nonsense. So, I canned it in favor of the much better ShoutMix. Its way cooler, ad free, fully customizable with css, and completely free! YAY.

However I keep wondering if I should add a field for you to add your website address if you'd like. To see an example of this you can go to Jonas' blog. So it's time to vote: do you like linking back to your site, or does it just get in the way?

Should I add a field to put your URL in on my new ShoutMix

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Monday, February 21, 2005


This was just too funny to pass up. I was on the picasa forums the other day trying to find out why I was having problems with hello (which by the way is awsome and the reason you get to see this pic at all) when I ran across this post. It still makes me laugh. Desperate stupid people are funny.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Glimpses into the personal life of the President

If you ever wanted to know if the president is any different in private then in public you should read this long article. Very fascinating. The article is based on recorded conversation by Mr. Wead (got to love that name), unbeknownst to the then would be president.

The article points out how much the president cares about what the religious right thinks. It also makes a point to say that Bush is not anti-gay, but take a very reasonable "all have sinned" stance to the issue.

Its a long article but its worth reading.

As always clicking on the link below "here's what I'm talking about" will take you to the article.

Tsunami Uncovers Ancient City in India

runesNatural disaster always have interesting side effects. After the Tsunami, when all the water ran back to the ocean it took a lot of sand and junk with it (as I'm sure you've see from aerial photos). Well the water also unveiled these old statues. They have just recently start excavation, so they don't know much at the moment. I thought this was pretty cool. There's not much in the article but its enough to spark my interest, maybe I'll try and keep tabs on this project.

Friday, February 18, 2005

the bestest quiz ever

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

yeah I know these are starting to get annoying but they're kinda fun too, so you should take my quiz.

What's this RSS/Atom stuff about and can it help me?

Have you ever wished that you didn't have to check your friends blog everyday to see if they updated? Wouldn't it be nice to read all of your friends blogs in the same place in the same format? Do you want to easily find that really cool post that your friend made about how to do Site Feeds last week? Do you have a friend that has a blog that you would read if it wasn't for the terrible colors they've chosen for there site? Do you want more love in your life? Then Site feeds is for you! (even though it won't help that much with the last one)

If you're willing to spend just a little bit of set up time then you'll save a lot of time reading blogs. Here's what you do:
  1. go to Bloglines and sign up
  2. Then to add a blog you just enter in the user name of the person you want in the right field (circled below). Or you can just copy and paste their site address into the search box (arrow)
  3. Next you'll want to preview the blog you've just chosen, just to make sure you didn't type something wrong, then hit the back button and then 'subscribe'. Continue to add other blogs until you're satisfied.
  4. You can now read your feeds just by clicking on a blog under 'my feeds'. The new posts will show up in the frame to the right. If you'd like to look at some old posts you can select a time frame to display.
  5. You can organize you feeds by clicking on the edit link in the frame to the left if you'd like. When you're done don't forget to hit 'finished'.
  6. You can also add blogs to your page by looking at my blogroll
  7. Ok so now whenever you go to you can read all your blogs from one spot. But how do I know if one of my friends blogs has been updated without going to bloglines? Well, you can just download a notifier. I downloaded the one for Firefox, but they have one for IE too. It is the little blue B in the corner of my browser window:
  8. The little red dot means that one of my friends has updated their blog and I should go read it.
So I hope that makes your life easier, if you have any questions you can leave comments here or just email me.

My good friend Jonas just the other day was asking me how to do rss in sage. Sage works well, but not quite as well as bloglines does. Wouldn't hurt to check it out, if you want to have a non-online news agrigator.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

1000 visitors

YAY! Today marks a day in history, I have had 1000 visitors come to my blog and only about 10 actually read something . Well, maybe more than that, but thanks to you, my dear readers I've broken 1000. Special thanks goes to the Night Captian (how needs to be less anounymous) because he/she reads my blog more faithfully than any of my freinds.

Firefox also recently had a ground breaking day:

Congradulations Firefox!
If you don't have FireFox you should GetFireFox

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I pick my poison

I pick my poison
there's sandpaper between my fingers
I pick my poison
it pulses through my veins
through my body
I pick my poison
My lips are swollen with it
they leak precious bodily fluids
I press my hand against my lips to dry them
my sweaty palms don't help
it still burns
I pick my poison
my face is deformed
red, burning, and ugly
I pick my poison
every two hours I take two more and suffer
the sweet grit satisfies only little
I long for relief
I suffer for what reason?
I pick my poison ivy

For those of you that don't know I got poison ivy on my Julia Falls trip.

fixed IE bug

YAY I found it!!!
The page now looks how its suppose to in IE. No more scolling to the bottom to see my profile and sidebar. So now that you my page looks good in IE agian, you should download Firefox.
This is how I fixed the bug, all I had to change was this line:

<p>This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar.</p>

to this:

<p>This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar.</p>
--> </pre>
This was very hard to find, but thanks to my friends at who gave me some good advice I have fixed the bug.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

So you have big plans right? Well... hmmm right. So you probably don't but that's cool too. If you fit in the "I wish I was doing something" category than you should read this poem from my little bro. I'll probably make a post about how mine went (it should be fun) . Oh yeah if you haven't heard its way easier to leave comments on my site now, so... you should leave some. Have a great day, and don't get down on yourself.

What are you doing/did you do for Valentines day?
bake a pie
buy flowers for someone or receive them
go see a lame movie with a lame date
go on an adventurous hike in the wilderness
lock yourself in your room all by yourself
hang out with your friends (you love them)
get dissed by all your friends (that always sucks)
something else that I'm going to post a comment on because it was so way cool

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Blog Updates

So I've added a bunch of stuff recently:
  • Changed site description to random Murfy's Law quotes
  • Move the Flickr Badge to the far right for 1024x768 users (should go away at a lower res) IE users won't see it, because IE is stupid.
  • Made the commenting system way cool (ok so Blogger is the one that did this one)
  • Made the first letter and first line of every post more unquice (looks kinda crappy in IE but readable)
  • I also found out how to add these fun little polls to my site for free. Yay.
so tell me if you like the changes

Do you like the new Changes to the site?
hmmm well, maybe
Didn't notice anything differant
You should do better
They're fantastic!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Google browser 4.0

I could be horribly mistaken but I was noticing that google 4.0 came up as one of the browsers in my Site Meter Stats. Google 4.0 has a IP address of 64.210.196.#. Without know the last number I'm not sure if that helps me any. With all of the hype about there possibly being a Gbrowser I might be misinterpreting this, but could this be someone testing it out? Or is this just a googlebot? I didn't think that the googlebot had gotten to 4.0 yet, but somebody has to know something here!??
Domain Name (Not found)
IP Address 64.210.196.# (ARIN)
Language Setting English
Operating System Microsoft WinNT
Browser Google 4.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows NT; Girafabot; girafabot at girafa dot com;
Time of Visit Feb 09 2005 2:49:47 pm
Last Page View Feb 09 2005 2:49:47 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page
Time Zone UTC-8:00
PST - Pacific Standard Time
PDT - Pacific Daylight Saving Time
Visitor's Time Feb 09 2005 11:49:47 am

Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker

Subscribe to My Blog via email

For all you xanga people out there and anybody else that can't figure out how to use my Site Feeds I now have a way for you to subscribe to my blog via email. That's right just enter your email below, respond to the automatic email that it spits out and your done. See now that didn't hurt too bad.
Google Groups


Geek Love Poem T-shirt

roses are #FF0000

violets are #0000FF

all my base

are belong to you
pure genius!
ThinkGeek :: Geek Love Poem T-shirt

Google Maps

Google now does mapping like mapquest does. Google Maps is a little different then mapquest's though, ( I'm not sure it's better yet ) it is super easy to use ofcourse and it also has built in local stuff. Google Local is new as well and it can find local stuff like in the yellow pages except that it does it better of course. So Google Maps uses it to pinpoint stuff on the map. Works pretty good. I searched for movie and it brought up most of the theaters in the area (not all of them movie theaters). Both of these are still in beta version right now so expect them to get even better. I never would have thought that Google would be competing with mapquest.

grill of death

grill of death
Originally uploaded by GodsMoon.
looks like something from Predator

can't turn it off!

can't turn it off!
Originally uploaded by GodsMoon.

death trap

death trap
Originally uploaded by GodsMoon.
recent dark pics I've taken

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Julia Falls

Debra, Ben and I went off-trail hiking to julia falls just now and it was really cool. The route we took wasn't bad, mostly across the mountain, with up and down as need, with 2 really steep parts. It was really pretty though, and well worth the effort. For any of you that would like to visit the falls its at: 35.1251, -85.3739

Debra and the huge log

The non-trail got a little steep at parts

This rock has grown into the tree (if you couldn't tell)

a baby waterfall

playing with my camera

and agian

this one makes a decent wallpaper if you're looking for a new one

I was a little thirsty so I thought I'd take a drink

it was refreshing

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Oh to sit next to the one to have her sit next to me. To have her sleeve brush against mine, I panic, I'm paralyzed, my heart beats faster, I begin to sweat, for a moment all is still, then ever so slowly the shoulders touch, not enough for anyone to notice. I freak out inside, what do I do?! I can't move. With all of my might I try to remain calm, I build up the strength to cross my legs. It goes successfully. Legs crosses I resume panic mode. Alas the time has come for her to leave. My breathing goes back to normal, but I long to do it all over again, sigh...

I'm I a freak? I hope not. For hope is all I have.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I added Trackback to this blog as you have can tell from the tackback link next to the comment link.
Trackback is kinda cool. The idea is if you make a post about my post then you'll show up in my trackback listings for that post. I don't expect to get very many of these, because I don't think too many of my freinds will be interested in either making a post about one of my posts nor getting trackback for themselves, but I don't see why I shouldn't have it.

I know secret ninja moves from the government

Kip Dynamite
(Please rate my quiz)

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

flickr update

YAY its the first of the month. That means I can update more pictures on flickr. YAY,come see my new pictures.