Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What's happening

Well I finally got my laptop set up right so I can do all of my homework on it instead of having to go to the lab. That's exciting. I've been using Google Talk alot and its awesome! As you might have noticed, taken down my home made music player and added a much fancier one, it will even pop-up in its own window so you can continue browsing while listening to fabulous music. I tried to put music on it that is pleasant to listen to while reading my blog or general web surfing. I hope you like it.

I was helping Kerry out when I signed up for an iPod shuffle offer. He now has his! It is possible.

hand, kerry said...

I wanted to let you know, I did indeed receive my free iPod shuffle, a week or two ago actually. I named it jaime and we are pretty much dating. You don't have to tell people that when you say you know someone who actually got a free one, that might not help them do a referral for you.

Earn your own free iPod Shuffle and help me out at the same time!

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