Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I got Engaged!

If you have been wondering why I haven't updated in a while its because I've been super busy with school, work, and now... getting married! Because I'm getting married. Did I mention that I was getting married?
Anyway, I'm now engaged to this really awesome girl and we're getting married on August 5th in Gatlinburg, TN. So mark your calendars, because you are invited, even if you don't get an invitation, come anyway, because it will be a good time... At least I'll have a good time.
Ok, so now your probably really excited, and jumping up and down or wondering to yourself how many times I can used the word "married" in this post... married... married.
But, by now your probalby asking how I purposed to my girl. Well, its kind of a long story, so I'll save it for the next post, but for now you can see the pictures from the special night at my photoblog if you like.


roxiegirl said...

You are a sweetheart.

I heart you.

Grafxgurl said...

hey there.. thanks for visiting my blog... this will be my first time ever to Tennessee!!

my fiance was born and brought up there ...and he is coming for the first time to India to get married!!!

daddymark said...

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Gaby de Wilde said...

Better late then never....

congratzz! :-)

diosaperdida said...

Congrats! You're getting married a few days after I am!