Wednesday, August 11, 2004

These web sites are identical or are they?

Similar layouts

Even though thousands of different layouts can be achieved using (X)HTML, web designers tend to stick, explicitly or not, to a set of layout elements. Links must be underlined, even when hovered, and the user must be able to tell which links he has already visited. web designers do not like sidebars very much when placed on the left, right sidebars are much more widespread. Every page should include a header logo and a footer; moreover, a white background is preferred. The main text font should be sans-serif. Last, a header graphic is recommended.

This is the First closing Conclusion of an interesting web survay that is apparently popular at the moment:

These web sites are identicalor are they?

The survay reports many things that are to be expected and some that are not. I have already implimited most of this stuff on my webpage, and my page is remarkable similar(great minds think alike) with one noticeable exception. FLASH. None of the websites mentioned use flash at all which is at least interesting to note. Mine does. This will be the subject of another post for sure.

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