Tuesday, December 28, 2004


flickr logo Beta
Originally uploaded by GodsMoon.
welcome to flickr another picture hosting program. I have been using Hello and its really cool but flickr has some advantages too. The 2 major advantages over Hello that I see right off the bat:
1. the image doesn't have to be jpeg, it can be gif (or whatever I think)
2. It has a photo orginizer build in that can be public or private. its prett cool

there is a monthly upload limit, and when it leaves the beta version some of the options will be limited. But it works with mac (Peter rejoices). Both Hello and Flickr have thier uses it seems. I think I'll continue to use blogger for most of my jpegs, but now I'll be able to upload other picture formats too.


GodsMoon said...

Interesting note here: on the Flickr website all the pics are converted to flash. I'm not sure why. Mayby just to zoom. If anybody know the answer please let me know.

Caterina Fake said...

It's in Flash so that you can add notes and stuff like that. The original image is saved, and if you click next to your photo where it says "All Sizes" you can get to all the thumbnails that Flickr builds for you.