Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Improvements again updated

So I've been improving my blogs as all ways. I know most you don't really care and won't leave any comments on this post thus breaking my streak of 3 post in a row that have had comments. :) Sad day. If you've notice I now have a site search in the side bar that is powered by (unbeknownst to them) that works decently well. Its not perfect, but if you remember me posting about something and you really don't feel like trying to look through the archives than you can try the search. You can also use it to group post in go categories. For example, if you search for the word "trip" you'll find most of my posts about trips I've taken recently. You should give it a try and see what happens. Ok so I just tested it and it works less than well... "trip" is about the only word that brings up anything. hmmm... Well while I'm looking for something better to replace it with feedster will have to work for now... Its better than nothing right? ...Maybe?
Update: I now I'm using IceRocket blog search as my site search. It works tons better. It took me a while to figure out how to get it to work on my site, but it works great now! It searchs over 70 post from my photoblog, and this blog. Give it a try. I think you'll like it. Example: Try searching for 'RSS' to read more about it.

In much better news if you hop on over to my photoblog you will notice that it has a cool new little feature. You can expand and close the navigation. You should try it, because I spent some time on it and I think its actually somewhat helpful. Its pretty much my favorite new hobby: Making things appear and disappear on my blog. So its now easier to get around. I hope ya'll have as much fun with this stuff as you have had with Zero the penguin (yeah I'm pretty sure that's not possible). Well, have a fantastic day.

P.S. I have a non-existent girl pal that is a vampire and she is very dangerous. Luckily I don't stay up past dark or my non-existent pal would be sure to suck out all of my blood. I'm a lucky man.


Merlaak said...

I care David! Self-improvement is one of my main drives. I always look for new ways of doing things that are better or more efficient. Anyway, keep it up.

Bicx said...

Blog search. Cool!

Christopholies said...

I need to find that ad block extention then

rafer said...

Please let me know in what ways we weren't "better." We'd be thrilled to fix it. And, did you take a look at using search tool to help you create the html?

GodsMoon said...

I tried the search tools and I can easily tell you why your search is inferior to
1. Icerocket displays more results from by blog when I search for just about any word that I tested.
2. Icerocket allows you to perform a 2nd search from there website and it will still search my blog as opposed to feedster where if you search agian it searches 'all' blogs. Not very useful.
3. Icerocket seaches both my blog and my photoblog in one search. Very handy.
4. Icerocket has fewer intusive ads.
5. Icerocket looks cooler overall.

So, If you can fix those things then I might consider using feedster again, but untill then I'm going with what works better.