Monday, October 17, 2005

Google Reader Bookmarklet Version 2.0

Update: Google Reader now works with Xanga so that part of my bookmarklet is now relevant.

I have improved the Holizz bookmarklet/favlet for Google Reader and added a few features. Drag and drop this bookmarklet to your toolbar:
Add to GReader

The bookmarklet allows you to easily add subscriptions to Google Reader while browsing the internet. To use the bookmarklet find a website that has a site feed and click on the bookmarklet in your toolbar. This should take you to a preview of the feed you want to subscribe to. Click on the large Subscribe button in the middle of your screen to subscribe.

Feature list:
  • Detects main feed from blogs that link to them correctly (both absolute and relative links)
  • Previews feeds before you subscribe to them
  • Subscribe to site RSS/ATOM feed that you are currently viewing
  • If feed is not detected then it will search for one using the title of the page
Special Cases supported:
  • Subscribe to older blogspot templates from any page in blog
  • Subscribe to Xanga sites (note: GReader is now compatible with Xanga, but previously was not)
Eventually, I'll improve on this even more and allow you to select which feed you want to subscribe to if the page has multiple feed.

Note: if you are having trouble dragging the bookmarklet you can try right-clicking on it and selecting 'add to favorites'/'bookmark this link' and putting it in the 'links' or 'bookmark toolbar' folder respectively.


Bicx said...

That's pretty cool, like most of Google's stuff. But for some reason they seem to prefer supporting Blogger before other blog sites. I wonder why... :-P

GodsMoon said...

well actually it's b/c xanga doesn't produce valid RSS, nor does it create the correct meta tags, which is why they are a special case.

GodsMoon said...

While Google Reader is now supporting Xanga my bookmarklet has a bug in it and is having trouble finding them. I hope to fix this shortly.

GodsMoon said...

I have now fixed the bug concerning subscribing to xanga sites. To update your bookmarklet, just delete your current one and re-add it.

Johan Sundström said...

I've written a Greasemonkey user script to show a "subscribe" panel whenever you encounter a page with (one or more) feeds, without having to fire any bookmarklet.

And a quick hint: instead of using linkobject.getAttribute('href'), use linkobject.href, which already contains a fully resolved absolute URL to the feed, relative to the visited page. (That way, you won't have to go to such great lengths to pick up a correct URL.)

pipka man said...

ohh, very good thing i discovered recently! thanks.

GodsMoon said...

Thanks for the tip Johan.

I'm glad you enjoy it Pipka. :)

Oskar said...

Any chance of making the bookmarklet open the subscribe window in a new window/tab?

GodsMoon said...

I've been thinking about updating this for a while now, but wasn't sure if people were still using it.
I guess they are. I'll consider your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do update it! Thanks!

Juliana Peña said...

Awesome. Thanks a lot. What I really like is that it does not automatically subscribe, just take you to the GReader page for the feed.

Sister Qohelet said...

Thank you! this will be really helpful. Nice work! :)

eolake said...

I tried installing GReader extension in Safari (Mac), but when I click on the button in the toolbar, I just get a new web page with Google Reader, I don't get the feed for the current page nor any option to add it to Google Reader.

Am I confusing two different products or... ?