Friday, October 07, 2005

Great music

Good, innovative, rock bands, they are hard to come by and have been mostly absent from the radio since the early 90's when grunge was in its hay day. But is there anything new that's coming out that is both good and innovative in the rock industry?

I've been thinking about this for a little while know I've decided that I can narrow the list down to 3 bands in no particular order.
I thought about adding NIN but they're not very good. TOOL, but everybody these days sounds like TOOL. Maybe Cake, but I'm not so sure they're very innovative.

So let me know what you think do you agree disagree, should I add anybody?

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1 comment:

bobs said...

CAKE! i'm pretty much obsessed with cake... coldplay too. yeah. so much for copying your blogger posts to your xanga, eh? dork. *grin* i was out taking pictures of laurens horses the other day and looked for your truck, but didn't see it. ho hum. hopefully we'll get to catch up sometime... come see me at stickys! *smile* oh, btw, thanks for your sweet comment. you're pretty rockin' awesome yourself!