Thursday, December 15, 2005

Google Safe Browsing Test Page

I see you've download both of Google's new extentions :)

If you're reading on this on my blog I'll tell you more about it in my next post.Read more at


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust it, just giving one of the most powerful companies to see every webpage you visit

GodsMoon said...

"If you disable Enhanced Protection, no information about the pages you visit will be sent to Google unless you visit a page Google Safe Browsing identifies as potentially unsafe. In this case, we will only send the action you choose to take to help refine our anti-phishing algorithms. Please note that enabling Enhanced Protection gives the Google Safe Browsing extension access to the most up-to-date fraud information about each page you visit."

Taken straight from their website. Just double click on the extension in the extensions manager to get to options and turn off "Enhanced Protection" if you are worried about privacy. Its also easily disabled the same way if you are surfing a website that you don't what google to know about.

But really I don't know why you don't what google to know what pages you visit, they already know everything that you search for!