Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Funny Sorry Pictures (Election 2004)

wow I found this fantastic webblog called it make me laugh. I will post the pictures that make me smile the most!

what a great photoshop! of course we shouldn't blame Kerry. It was the American People that voted for Bush!

what face is he making anyway?!?

this ones great! What type of math has he be smoking?!? not very good with numbers I guess

oooohhhh... mysterious

I wonder if she's sorry? did somebody give her detention or something? nice little rows too...

50% of TEXAS?!?!? what a minute... only 39%( of Texas voted AGAINST Bush... another person that has trouble with math

This, my friends, is a fantastic idea. I think we should all walk around with sticky-notes on are foreheads' that way when we bump into someone we don't have to say anything.

And my favorite one! This is why Bush won! b/c pandas didn't get out and vote. If the pandas had voted, Bush wouldn't have had a chance! Posted by Hello

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