Monday, August 29, 2005

Exciting stuff

All kinds of exciting stuff is happening as of late.

  1. I just finished watch an incredible video on click on 'The Scary Level' on the left of the main page. It has Harrigan trying to stand up in 135+ mile an hour winds.
  2. Google has announced Google Talk. Its a IM chat program based on the Jabber open source standard protocol, but it also does voice of IP like Skype. So you can talk to any body in the world that that has Google Talk and a Gmail account. It even imports your gmail contacts. I haven't tried it out yet up I'm sure its pretty cool. I'll review it once I get to try it play around with it some.
  3. I almost died on the canoe trip this weekend. I spent the night on the side of the road, and hitch hiked 45 minutes at 4 am. It was crazy. More on this to come as well.


Anonymous said...

Some of this post is in size 1 font. It's kinda hard to read...(post on aug 29, 6:39pm)

GodsMoon said...

thanks, I thought I wrote more than that...
Its now fixed.