Friday, October 28, 2005

Flock the what?

So I'm writing this post in a new type of web browser called Flock. It's build on top of Firefox but it's not meant to compete with Firefox, because it take a completely different approach to the web. Most web browsers let you view stuff other people have written.Flickr Photo If you want to do somthing interactive like blogging, using flickr, using and stuff like that you have to use a rather clunchy online interface, unless you download some special add on stuff. For example, if you want to upload pictures to Flickr you have to pick each file individually form your computer and then hit upload unless you download the flickr uploader. In which case it works a lot better but you have to open up another program. Another example is Blogger, you have to use their somewhat useful formating tools to write a blog post, unless you download the Microsoft Word plug in, in which case you have to switch to another program to blog.Well here is where Flock comes in. It is integrated with several web 2.0 companies: Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, and others. Right now its "somewhere between alpha and beta" and will crash rather frequently but the idea is really cool. The interface I'm using right now is defiantly the best I've seen for adding pictures from flickr to your post. I'll let you know more after I've played around with it some more.
P.S. It defianlty has its downsides right now though, for example there is no spell check, so I'm sure this post is littered with errors.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My bookmarklet on the Official Google Reader Blog

Google has made note of the bookmarklet that I made recently. They have a link to this site from the Official Google Reader Blog. I'm pretty excited about that as you can very well imagine. Soon I'll be improving on my bookmarklet even more, so stay tuned. I'm about half way done with it, once I get some free time I'll try and finish it up. :)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Page Rank is weird

Lately my Google Page Rank has dropped to 1 and I have no idea why. And my posts have stopped being indexed too. Strange. Wow its really late, I should go to bed. I think tomorrow I might write some JavaScript to replace all my :) and :( and ;) with smiley icons using JavaScript. That sounds like it could be fun. Of course that would probably make my site take even longer to load. I should really do something about how long it takes. Does it bother anyone else that it takes so long?
OK, I'm actually going to bed now.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Google Reader Bookmarklet Version 2.0

Update: Google Reader now works with Xanga so that part of my bookmarklet is now relevant.

I have improved the Holizz bookmarklet/favlet for Google Reader and added a few features. Drag and drop this bookmarklet to your toolbar:
Add to GReader

The bookmarklet allows you to easily add subscriptions to Google Reader while browsing the internet. To use the bookmarklet find a website that has a site feed and click on the bookmarklet in your toolbar. This should take you to a preview of the feed you want to subscribe to. Click on the large Subscribe button in the middle of your screen to subscribe.

Feature list:
  • Detects main feed from blogs that link to them correctly (both absolute and relative links)
  • Previews feeds before you subscribe to them
  • Subscribe to site RSS/ATOM feed that you are currently viewing
  • If feed is not detected then it will search for one using the title of the page
Special Cases supported:
  • Subscribe to older blogspot templates from any page in blog
  • Subscribe to Xanga sites (note: GReader is now compatible with Xanga, but previously was not)
Eventually, I'll improve on this even more and allow you to select which feed you want to subscribe to if the page has multiple feed.

Note: if you are having trouble dragging the bookmarklet you can try right-clicking on it and selecting 'add to favorites'/'bookmark this link' and putting it in the 'links' or 'bookmark toolbar' folder respectively.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

He really does exist...

So I was walking down the hall at school and this random dude was like "hey, I know you." He then proceeded to identified himself as Bicx. And then I was like, "cool" and then he was like... yeah this post is starting to sound like I'm a girl so I'll stop all the like stuff.
But anyway, I saw Bicx so that's exciting, and know I know he exist... or was it his evil twin brother...[dun, dun, dunnn]...hmmm.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Moving to Furl

I just finished converting all my Filangy bookmarks to It took quite a long time because I had to do it manually. Filangy does have an export function but not in a format that is compatible with Furl or or anybody else. So why did I leave Filangy? Well, mostly it was because they were small and weren’t very popular. If it gives you any idea of their size, I was ranked the 49th most popular user, and I didn’t use it that much. I still think Filangy is really cool, but I don’t really care about the personal search thing so much, and compatibility with Filangy and anything else is pretty much non-existent. But why not use Pretty much I think its ugly. I know that’s a week excuse, but they do pretty much the same thing and Furl looks a lot better. So there you have it.
Farewell Filangy, hello Furl.

If you use Furl too, I’d love to make you a contact, just let me know what your username is.
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Friday, October 07, 2005

Great music

Good, innovative, rock bands, they are hard to come by and have been mostly absent from the radio since the early 90's when grunge was in its hay day. But is there anything new that's coming out that is both good and innovative in the rock industry?

I've been thinking about this for a little while know I've decided that I can narrow the list down to 3 bands in no particular order.
I thought about adding NIN but they're not very good. TOOL, but everybody these days sounds like TOOL. Maybe Cake, but I'm not so sure they're very innovative.

So let me know what you think do you agree disagree, should I add anybody?

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Six flags is awesome, except...

Last Saturday Roxie and I went to six flags and had a great time except, my girlfriend threw up after riding Batman: the Ride. Which is really sad because that's one of my favorite rides, and I felt bad for her. Its too bad you can't decide not to be sick. :(
Other than that' we had a good time though. :)
Man, I love that theme park!