Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I pick my poison

I pick my poison
there's sandpaper between my fingers
I pick my poison
it pulses through my veins
through my body
I pick my poison
My lips are swollen with it
they leak precious bodily fluids
I press my hand against my lips to dry them
my sweaty palms don't help
it still burns
I pick my poison
my face is deformed
red, burning, and ugly
I pick my poison
every two hours I take two more and suffer
the sweet grit satisfies only little
I long for relief
I suffer for what reason?
I pick my poison ivy

For those of you that don't know I got poison ivy on my Julia Falls trip.


Merlaak said...

Very nice imagery. I like the recurring "I pick my poison" line. Very effective in showing how the speaker knows that it was their fault. Not entirely sure about the change in the last line. I like the nod to Dr. Strangelove though :)

Anonymous said...

I hate poison ivy, especially when it gets on your face. You'd think you were save in the winter when it's dead and brown. But No!

Anonymous said...

last post by Bicx by tha way