Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Dark side of the Rainbow

If you are trying to download the "The dark side of the Rainbow" you have come to the right place. Download The dark side of the Rainbow now! You will need Pando to download this file. Don't worry Pando won't put any spyware on your computer. Its just a lightweight download program that speeds things up a bit. :)

The Dark side of the rainbow is where you watch the Wizard of Oz (with the sound off) while listening to the dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd. It matches up. I matches up surprisingly well, so much so that its comical. While I must admit that its not as fun as just watching the movie regularly it is interesting that they are in sync with each other. I first watched in after I download them already synced up from limewire but it ended when the cd ended (43 mins) the first time though. Supposedly it stays synced through multiple plays through the album. So I downloaded the whole album and rented the movie. I couldn't get it to line up right and finally found out that the album I download was 3 secs short... and I didn't know where I was missing those 3 secs. So I bought the album, its a good album by the way. Anyways you should try it sometime if you haven't already, cause its fun.

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