Sunday, March 27, 2005

Signal Point

Yesterday I was having a very blah kind of day everybody I called was busy or out of town, I was just sitting about the house trying to find something to do. I finially decide that I should go wash my truck, cause it really really, I mean really needed it. While I was washing my truck I found out where it was leaking. I thought it was somewhere around the front window into the passager side floorboard but it turns out that it was from the back window. So I can fix that now, yay. After that I decided that I should go to signal point because it was a very pretty day and I like enjoying God's wonderful nature. It was great to be up there by my self. God provided a very nice sunset for me to enjoy with my camera. It really cured my blahness. On my way home I stopped by the Rave and watch Robots, its a decent movie, not fantastic though.

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bobs said...

dave! your sunset pictures are beautiful!!! what a wow moment that must have been for you... very cool..