Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thanks Anne

For my birthday Anne (you're awesome) got me a copy of Moby's new CD hotel all-be-it an illigally burned copy. So its pretty good, I hadn't listen much to Moby, before this cd. The last song I heard from him was that song where he was in a astronaut suit for the music video. I don't remember what the single was called but I didn't care for it much. His new CD however is quite good. I think I might like Moby despite his strong left political leanings. His new album is 2 disks, the first is a normal album and then the 2nd CD is all ambient music which is fun. I've been listening to it all day at work (except for a stint where I was copying some linux CD's and listening to Rush). Thanks again Anne.


Anne Roth said...

Yea for Moby!! I'm glad you like the CDs, they're great. My favorite song so far is "Lift Me Up" on the first CD. Happy few days after your birthday!

GodsMoon said...

So I was going to thank you by drawing you a picture of the cd cover of the moby hotel album, but after I finished it I didn't save it :( and lost it all. So instead an email will have to suffice.