Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Adsense update

I said I'd update on how much I've made with google adsense so here's the update. So far I've made: $3.54. Not very much and I don't get paid till it accumulates to $100 so that might take a while. If you notice I've changed the format of the links ads a little. Its something new that google is trying. Don't be afraid to click on it and try it out. :) If you click on the ad it won't take you directly to the advertisers website instead it will take you to a list of advertisers. Think of the links on my site like categories of advertisements. I hope some of the ads will benefit you and I really hope that maybe one day I'll have accumulated more than $100 so I can get paid. That would be nice.

update: They seemed to have changed things around on me. You can now search for any type of ad you'd like to see. So try it out.

update: It seems to be back to normal now so I don't know what happend exactly. oh well...

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