Thursday, July 14, 2005

Church Is Not an Institution OR Why we should meet in smaller groups with fewer buildings

I'm participating in a very interesting conversation on NonNobis2005's blog about how "the church" looks right now and what it should look like instead. I would encourage you to read it if you have time. It is a lot of reading, but its well worth it, and by all means please join us in the discustion. I'm sure we could use your input as well. :) The basic idea is that the church is suppose to a group of much smaller groups (consisting of maybe a dozen people at most) that meet multiple times a week, and perhaps all the groups meet in a larger setting a couple times a month. The smaller group meetings (for lack of a better term) would primary meet in peoples houses, and each group would have a different focus, one worship, another fellowship, and still another ministering to the poor. If you find this interesting I would suggest you read the rest of discustion on: NonNobis2005's blog.

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