Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World

An Ice Shelf recently broke off from Antarctica, probably due to global warming ;)
"Seeing these organisms on the ocean bottom -- it's like lifting the carpet off the floor and finding a layer that you never knew was there," said Eugene Domack of Hamilton College.
Domack hopes to find new species and that this discovery will open the door to future Antarctic expeditions, specifically into Lake Vostok, a freshwater lake that sits two miles below the surface. - Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World
I think it is super cool that we might find new little creatures in the ocean. The ocean is huge, I mean huge gargantuan! I've recently had a renewed respect for just how large it is by using Google Earth. And let me tell you, if you don't think its that big then go download Google Earth and just look at it. Anyways, I've always been fascinated by creatures the ocean, which is kind of funny because I'm not really the biggest fan of the beach. Don't get me wrong I like the sun, wind, water, and general relaxation, but I'm not that crazy about sand or saltwater. I just don't like them. However, I love the little creatures of the ocean, some of the most amazing animals that God created life in the ocean. They're so different than anything else that is on land. Lake Vostok also sounds pretty cool. I didn't know such a thing existed.

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hippie_go_lucky said...

thank you for posting that. it was very interesting. new creatures... thats exciting.