Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nazca Lines in Google Earth


hippie_go_lucky said...

i dont know if i should know this, but i dont. so, what are nazca lines? and what is google earth? :D

GodsMoon said...

First Google Earth is this awesome program that uses google maps, google local, arial photos, and 3d imaging to produce a very cool mapping, site seeing, research, find your local gas station program.
The Nazca lines are:
"The Nazca Lines, are a set of zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometric figures (lines, triangles, trapezoids, circles, spirals, birds, a spider, a monkey, flowers) that appear engraved in the surface of the desert plateaus."
Read more about them here.

GodsMoon said...

you can also see pictures of them here

Anonymous said...

I found this page http://www.peruvian-tours.com/nazca_lines_google_earth.html, with coordinates of the Nazca Lines. it is possible to be seen the monkey, parrot, astronaut, spider, etc
Google Earth coordinates: 14º42'26.66" S - 75º08'20.38"O
Google Earth coordinates: 14º44'42.79" S - 75º04'47.08"O
Google Earth coordinates: 14º41'39.63" S - 75º07'21.72"O
Google Earth coordinates: 14º41'23.60" S - 75º06'29.41"O