Friday, July 29, 2005

IE7 beta is available and it sucks

Well after wait for a much better browser from Microsoft, they deliver mostly crap. The only thing they really improved is that it now has tabs, slightly better security, a build in search box and alpha PNGs. Not very much considering how far behind IE compared to... well any other browser. I don't think this new browser will be putting Firefox under any time soon. Speaking of Firefox... You do have it doesn't you? What?!? You're not using Firefox? Well, it you like popups and viruses than by all means have fun with that. Oh yeah, by the way, all the new features of IE7 are currently available in Firefox. So what are you waiting for? Go get Firefox!

Update: Microsoft says that they are going to include a lot more standard compliance for the final version of IE. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Lurid said...

Damn dude it really does suck the big one, i've already gotten 5 pop ups: i went to by mistake and the 'fake' page they have set up unleashed pop after pop up on IE7.
As far as trans. for png's, yeah i force IE to do that with css on a daily basis so (seeing as a web guy i should care about this) that whole feature was already there, but now you dont (in theory) have to do crazy tags to get them to show.
Sorry about any miss spellings as I wrote this from in side IE and couldnt find any thing to spell check this feild (i mean like duh, you're M$ and you dont even add a freaking spell check?)

OH and cntrl+A does NOT sellect the whole url bar, rather it does nothing. The right click menu is also devoid of "select all" (well it is there but it's blank)
3 major problems in 10 minutes... nice track record M$. And number 4 is....
Oh man #5 is no default google search bar (and you cant tell what your searching with), cus every one i know (at a 'big' tech school) uses yahoo? i think not.