Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Firefox with extentions

browser window
What my bowser looks like now that's its Firefox with all kindas of extentions. Oops I forgot to point to the weather down at the bottom. Posted by Hello


GodsMoon said...

Also forgot to point out the ad remover at the bottom right. More about what all this stuff is later. (I deleted my post about it, YAY...)

Anonymous said...

Whoah, I didn't realize that Firefox had so many extensions. That's freakin awesome. I switched to Firefox not long ago after trying other browsers. IE is basically crap. Ad-ware penetrates it like there's no tomorrow, and pop-up blockers don't work against them. Plus, it doesn't use tabs. Netscape's ok, but it has some crazy problems (like displaying content with IE-centered features). Opera probably would be one of my favorite browsers if it was more stable on my computer.

I think Firefox is the best of them all, because it brings together all the elements of the other browsers, but leaves out most of the bad. Plus, the extensions are awesome. I think I went a little overboard downloading them, but now I can basically do my php programming, FTP functions, and web surfing all in one app. Sweet.

And yes, I have to say that I did get the photo idea from your flickr site, but that's just because I hadn't seen many photo hosting sites until I saw yours. ;-)

So that was my little comment.


GodsMoon said...

So instead of Sage I now suggest Bloglines for your news reading needs