Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Snowboarding Adventure: Playing in the Snow on the Mountain (part 2 of 3 )

This is part 2 of the fantatic snowboarding trip that I took with my good freind Matt.

Well here we are a the base of the mountian

yeah I wore a Santa hat pretty much the whole time

it was really pretty there

us having fun on the ski lift

the view down from the ski lift

and again

to bad we didn't ski down that. Whoa scary!

yeah that's me over there ... Sitting .... down...I swear I didn't fall

it was really cold in the car when we got in. These were on the passenger window when we got in the car pretty much every day.

oh matt

matt did a lot of waiting on me to get stuff situated, but after that...

on the edge of the world

I don't understand

throwing caution to the wind and there was plenty of wind

matts name in Celtic or something

a sad snow angle that I made Posted by Hello

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