Friday, January 14, 2005

Pictures around

These are some fun pictures that I've taken recently since I got my camera back and all I've been taking pictures of everyting pretty much. At the gas station, around my house and at campus.


I was trying to come with some sort of clever title for this on maybe something about storms or rain or something. suggests are required if you look at this picture. oops guess you'll have to leave me a suggestion!


No Card Reader?


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Anonymous said...

I replied to your post on my Xanga blog, so you may not have seen it. Or, you may have already read this 4 times and have gotten really tired of it.

:::::----Post Starts Here----:::::

Hey, don't know if you'll read this or not, but yeah the concert was awesome! AKUS is probably the best traditional acoustic band around, and Jerry Douglas is wicked fast on his Dobro.

So you think I should actually keep the top left part of the background logo covered? I actually thought about doing that, but then thought it might draw criticism from my conservative Xanga viewers who think for some reason that circles can't be broken. Maybe not. You liked the idea.

What's kinda weird is that I was at UTC when you posted that. For all I know I could have passed right by you. I'm actually a senior in high school doing dual enrollment, but I'm planning on going into Computer Science at UTC once I graduate. I'd like to e-mail ya or something and ask you a question or two, since the UTC CS site is somewhat lacking in information.

PHP is the way to go. I love it!

Anonymous said...

hey... fun piccys...

Paul Glenn Jones, Jr. said...

Hmmm... what should you title the picture...

"Darkness Overhead!"

"Blowing in the wind with little light"

"David takes a trip to the flag pole without an umbrella"

Hehe, hope those help. ;-)


- G