Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Flash Intro

As you've probably noticed I now have a flash into to my website. I tried to keep it short and not too annoying. So you won't stop coming to read my blog. What do you think about it? What do you think about the concept of having a into? Please leave some comments on this post or on the Chatterbox.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Intros are cool. You should add some pics to like sweep across the screen and fade out, or something like that. I'm a big fan of the sweep-fade effect. ;-)

I have a Flash game that I never finished called "Catch Buffy." Basically what you try to do is catch my guinea pig, who just so happens to be named Buffy. The URL is http://www.bowdenworks.net/catchbuffy/

-Bicx (Brian)

GodsMoon said...

Hey that game is kinda fun. You did a good job on it. I had to keep in the intro short because I hate watching long intros over and over no matter how cool they are. so sweeping pictures are cool but take to long. oh well. Thanks for leaving comments though you seem like a cool dude.