Wednesday, January 12, 2005


yeah I got my camera back from repairs, if you can't tell I'm excited. They never called me nor did they email me and I was starting to get worried that my precious got lost in the mail, and just then I was about to call and see were it was, it showed up on my door. And that's a run on sentence. oh well I'm excited. YAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

sweeeeet! what kind of camera is it? and just so you know, my camera is called "the precious" so you are not allowed to call yours the same. nope. because, mine is more precious. yap. and just think... if we were in a room together and our cameras were sitting on a table and i said to someone, "hey, could you hand me the precious?" they would be all confused, right? dude. we totally need a system here. *smile*

Anonymous said...

*giggle* i forgot to sign the post... therefore i was truely anonymous... which could be somewhat fun, however i believe there is also value in knowing just who you are talking with. i think waters would agree, no? *smile* c-ya around bro!
~ bobbie

GodsMoon said...
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GodsMoon said...

I have a pentax Optio S4i, very compact cute little camera that fits in my pocket with a 3x optical zoom. Impressive.
my camera is the coolest