Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ads in IE

Well I've decided to be nice to all of ya'll using Internet Explore or AOL instead of Firefox. You can now see the google ads on the left and my newest (not so new) flickr pictures on the right. So you should support the 'GodsMoon's a poor college student' fund by clicking on the ads every once in a while because every time you do an angle gets his wings.
And I get a pay check...

Note: you will only see 'extra' stuff if your screen resulution is 1024 x 768 or greater. If you have problems let me know. But looks like most of yall should be able to see it :)


Bicx said...

What about all those poor people who use 480x640 displays?

GodsMoon said...

well I guess they don't get to see the extra coolness. sucks for them.