Monday, April 04, 2005

Interesting drug facts

I usually don't talk about work but the other day I got a handout about our company drug policy. The handout had a bunch of stuff about how to get terminated, but it also had a lot of interesting facts about drugs. Here as some of the more interesting ones:
  • ALCOHOL - Half of all high school seniors had at least one drink last month
  • ALCOHOL - One in ten drinkers are problem drinkers or alcoholics
  • INHALANTS - An alarming number of children become regular inhalant users even before the sixth grade.
The handout had info on several other drugs as well, pot, cocaine, a large section on meth because its so popular in this area, and narcotics. It didn't mention ecstasy at all. But of all the info I thought the above to be the most interesting, especially the one in ten statistic. I didn't know that many people had such a problem with alcohol.

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