Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just trying to make cents

As you can see (if you don't have a tiny browser resolution) I've added google adsense to the far left of my blog. I don't expect that many of my faithful readers with click on that many ads but, you never know. The ads are relevant most of the time to what I'm blogging about so it just makes sense to have links to related stuff that I get payed for. This is more of an experiment than anything else. Every time somebody clicks on one of the ads I get a couple of cents. YAY! Maybe it will be enough to buy a piece of candy one day. ;) I'll let you know if and when I get my first pay check from it.

UPDATE: I've made $1.41 my first day with adsense isn't that exciting!!!

1 comment:

Bicx said...

Wow, if you think about it, getting over a buck a day is pretty good. In a year you'd have $365.