Monday, April 18, 2005


I am the flyer
I am the catcher

I am the knight
brave, courageous, strong
fearless, in shining armor
swift sword in hand ready to slay any monster

I am the dragon
steal scales, iron claws
The fearless fear me
guarding the treasures of treasures with my fire

I am the mouse
furry, cute, scurrying around
attracted to anything shiny
or anything that smells like cheese

I am the trap
cold, hard, quick
luring those that may come by
only to end their curiosity

I am the creator
imagine, carve, mold
those aren't clouds
slivers of imagination I hold in my hands

I am the destroyer
death, sharp, blood
smoke rising from the ashes
one in hand and another under foot


- Yen

1 comment:

Psych Girl said...

What is your indecision?
I told you who the evil clown was...