Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's Your Top 5?

Psych-Girl has been going around asking people what are the top 5 characteristics that you look for in a relationship other than God stuff (would be at top of list of course). Here is my top 5 in no particular order:
  1. Smart - being stupid is not attractive. This includes book smarts but more importantly common sense.
  2. White or possibly Asian - sorry if you're not its nothing against you.
  3. Can Cook - Food is the way to a man's heart ladies. If you don't know how to... Learn!
  4. Adventurous - What do I mean by this you ask? Well pretty much adventurous in every possible way that it could be meant. But not more adventurous then I am. That'd just be scary.
  5. Cute - The whole big and beautiful think is over rated. You have to be cute or at least capable of being cute at times. ;)
There are other things too like: nice teeth, good hands, attractive ankles, that sort of thing. But none of those rank in the top 5. So, if you fit this description you should give me a call or leave me lots of comments or something. ;)

So what are your top 5?

This post was not meant to offend anyone if you are offended get over it!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!! I'm white or possibly Asian! I could be THE ONE!

Roxie said...

So I changed my top 5 again...

2.He is a servant - he is nice to me and other people. I guess "thoughtful" and "unselfish" are other ways to describe it.
3.He has to have his own thoughts and strong-willed and independent...but not just to prove that he is right. This also means he has to be able to admit wrong as well. He can't be a pushover.
4. He has to be affectionate...but in the right way. Physical touch is important (is it possible to take that in a "non dirty" way? because I mean it not in a bad way).
5. And let's be honest. I like your number 5 so I'll steal it. He does have to be somewhat cute. Ok, I don't foresee myself changing these now.

Other note - I have always wanted to be Asian. Actually, I think I WAS Asian...if I believed in past lives and all that jazz.

Christopholies said...

My top 5... just so yall know... in no particular order and understanding that they're godly and all...

1.Sense of Humor/ Fun-loving: She has to have fun joking around and stuff.
2.Musically Similar: In other words they must dislike rap and pop music... I can stand country to an extent as long as they like my music (which is random at times).
3.Inetllectual: They have to be smart. I don't mean super smart.. I just mean that they have to care about their education. I also like someone I can sit down with and have deep coversations with.
4.Physically Active: They have to be interested in working out or keeping active in some way.
5.Beautiful to me: The girl has to be beautiful to me... she might just be "cute" to others but I must find her attractive. (I hope that doesn't sound shallow)...

Color/Race doesn't matter to me... although I must say I have a feeling that not many black laides out there hate rap and pop... and if they are out there... they definately make the list! But that's my 5... and yeah... that's it... all i've got...