Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I like crunchy things

I discovered the other day that I like crunchy foods. As I write this, I'm eating a small bag of Gardetto's. I like toast, fried stuff, and crunchy candy. I don't really like gummy worms but I love oreos. French toast is good stuff, and crunchy bacon is the way to go! None of this limp bacon stuff. I also really like corn chips, or any type of chip. The fairly new Ritz Chips are by far my favorite chip. Man, those things are good. Perhaps its just a dislike of chewy things, but if it crunches chances are I'll like it. I hadn't really payed much attention to food texture but with my good friend Roxie I discovered that I seem to have a certain affinity for crunchy food, not that other foods are bad, its just hard to beat that crunch.

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Roxie Girl said...

"your good friend Roxie?"
Your good friend Roxie?!?!?!

Interesting choice of words...

GodsMoon said...

try hovering over your name and see what it says. And yes you are my good friend. so ha.