Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yahoo My Web 2.0 vs Filangy

So yesterday I kind of got excited about My web 2.0 and while I still thing its cool I'm leaning back towards filangy again. "What?" I hear you say. I know that didn't make any sense to most of you so I'll explain. First off I'll explain what they do. Have you ever wanted your bookmarks on every computer you use? Have you ever wanted to find a page you've been on before but forgot to bookmark it. Do you find yourself scrolling through your bookmarks trying to find the one you want among the long list. Have you ever thought to yourself, "I bet GodsMoon has done some research on this, If only he were here!" Or "Man that was hard to find, I wish I could make it easier for my friends to find!" Of course, I have an answer to all those questions. Several company offer most or all of these features. The list includes: , Furl, A9, Yahoo's My Web 2.0, and Filangy. All off them have there pros and cons. But for the moment after trying out most of them I'm sticking with Filangy. It does all the great things that you hoped for above plus other great stuff. Filangy is also a rapidly growing developing service. Its super easy to use. Just sign up, download the toolbar (or don't download anything and just use the bookmarklet) and your good to go. It will now index every page you visit so if you want to find it again you can just do a quick search with one of 2 words that you remember from the page and it will bring it right up :) If you really want to find something easily than you can bookmark it (or 'Webmark' as they call them). Once you bookmark something you can tag it, like gmail (if you don't have gmail you need it, just ask me), and add notes to it to remind you why you bookmarked it ;) Once you have something bookmarked then you can share it with other people, like me. So while I may not be right there to tell you exactly how to fix your terribly annoying ad popup problem you can just search through my webmarks and find the article that I use when I try and fix your laptop. Isn't that amazing! If you would like to view and search my webmarks you can. I've provided a link just under my site search box on the right of my site. While you're at it you mine as well sign up for filangy yourself (though you don't have to) and start sharing what you what to remember with me. For a minute yesterday I got excited yesterday because yahoo released something that was similar but after using it a little bit I find that it is not as good as Filangy and I think I'll stick with them until I find something better. I'll let you know if I do.


Bicx said...

Google also now has a Search History option for those who have a GMail account.

GodsMoon said...

Google also has a Personalized Search. However, you have to select certian categories for it to work. Filangy has a search that is peronalized based on sites that you visit and bookmark, so its completely painless. :) And supposedly it is very, very good. At least that's what they tell me. :)