Sunday, June 12, 2005

Riverbend Festival 2005 Day 2 Report

I got called a "Mother F@#$%*!", but I had a fun time so it wasn't so bad. Right before BOYZ II MEN when on this larger lady in a black tank top starts yelling and cursing at this elderly couple because the rain had become much lighter and they still had their umbrella up. Their umbrella was apparently blocking her view of the stage that nobody was playing on at the moment. I, for some slightly offended and felt compelled to stick up for the elderly couple. So, I politely suggested to the anger woman that she could stand up if she couldn't see. Well, that set her off. She started calling me, and anybody with in shouting distance, ugly names. She was obviously not a happy person and would probably have complained if I had just handed her a 20 dollar bill. I know I should have but she made me laugh a little bit to myself. I really wanted her to come to this site and leave me a comment telling me how she felt. Perhaps I'll make some business cards to pass out to people.
Well on to the music. I met a friend to see Sean Smith shortly after she had been attacked by a drunk man's umbrella (umbrellas just cause problems, go buy a rain jacket). Sean Smith was alright, however not fantastic. After he finished, nobody that was worth seeing was playing so I decided to go get some ice cream. I'm trying to go as long as possible without buying tokens (Riverbend uses tokens instead of money to help cut down on theft) so we went outside the gates to Ben and Jerry's for some fabulous ice cream. After that we went mark our territory for BOYZ II MEN. After the above mentioned fiasco and the group had started we noticed that a lot of excited looking people were walking into the VIP section. We quickly discovered that they were letting people with out $5 passes into the VIP section so we got in line. Anne got in before me and I made it in shortly thereafter. Apparently they had plenty of extra seats so they were letting people in for free. I feel a little sorry for the people that were standing next to me because they had just wasted $5 on a ticket but was rather pleased to get such good seats. I am a guy so I can't say that BOYZ II MEN was 'good' but I can say they were quite the showmen and not feel emasculated. They even through roses into the fans... 50 feet below them. I didn't really know any of their songs but was rather impressed by the show. The last show of the night was Up with the Jones. They were insane. The lead singer was wearing a gown from Erlanger hospital and did a very good job of looking unstable. Needless to say the rockers managed to keep my attention despite me being very tired. I definitely need to park closer next time.
Recommended list:
  • Jessica Lynn Thommason - 5:00-5:30 PM She's the only one playing at this time so you should go see her.
  • Noaxident - 6:15-7:30 PM
  • Roger Alan Wade - 8:00-9:15 PM
  • Michael McDonald with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera - 9:30-11:00 PM
  • Coalition for Peace - 11:00-12:00 AM

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