Monday, June 13, 2005

Riverbend Festival 2005 Day 3 Report

Day 3 was not too exciting music wise. Most of the bands were either country or not good. But there are other things to do at Riverbend than listen to music like sign up to win all kinds of stuff and eat really over priced food, which is exactly what I did. I finally broke down and bought some tokens, cause I was craving a corn dog. I like me a good corn dog. This particular corn dog was not exactly fantastic but it did sustain me enough to continue on my journey from one end of the festival to the other.
I didn't get to play my day out completely because the riverbend website was down and it takes me a while to compile all those audio links. It turns out that there really wasn't anybody that I wanted to hear until Michael McDonald with the CSO. We set up our chairs early on the front row of the non-VIP section. We had pretty good seat, but the way they have things arranged I still felt like I was half a mile away from the stage. I guess that's why they have the projection screens every where. The CSO opened with some music from Phantom of the Opera (I love that music). Michael McDonald was pretty good. He had a female drummer that could sing and play the drums very well. She was awesome. Michael McDonald played several Motown songs along with some Doobie Brothers songs. I was getting a little tired tired from signing my name to so many entry forms to win stuff and figured I should go check out Coalition for Peace before I left. Coalition was decent even though I was tired. Its just too bad they were on the Budweiser stage. It has the worst sound quality of any of the stages at Riverbend. On the way back to the cars I interviewed my good friend Anne.
I almost forgot. They're is a nice group of photographers at riverbend called JoePix. They'll take your picture for free and then you can go to their website and send the picture to friends or do whatever you want to do with it. Its cool, free, and today is their last day at Riverbend so if you haven't have you picture taken yet, look for the guys in the purple hats.
More Pictures from the day
Tonight it the BESSIE SMITH Strut down on MLK. Its free and always has great blues music. Even if you don't have a pin come on down.

black diamond heavies and The Rockin' Jake Band are both playing at the Miller Plaza. That's where I'll be hanging out all night, so come join me. On a side note I would strongly recommend that you leave then its over. Its been known to be not a great place to be after its over, but don't worry about anything while its going on there are police every where.

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