Friday, June 24, 2005

Riverbend Festival 2005 Day 9 Report

Day 9 was the final day of the Riverbend Festival and might I say it was one of the better days at Riverbend. I got there late but got to see most of Gaelic Storm and they were awesome. Some of the best drinking songs I've ever heard and they were making using of the drinking part of 'drinking songs' for sure. The whole group was very talented and several members of the group played multiple instruments. For instance, the guy that played the crazy handheld Irish drum thing (help me out here, you know what I'm talking about, right?) also played the didjeridoo. I don't know how I know what a didjeridoo is but I can't think of the name of that Irish drum. Oh well. After Gaelic Storm and played their encore my group split up with everybody going to see Pat Benatar except for me. I went to go see PaPa Mali. Papa Mali was quite good but I didn't stay for long because I remembered that I left my cell phone in the car and there was no way for me to regain contact with them. Luckily I found them before they had picked out a final destination in the middle of a very crowded lawn. On my way to find them I passed the child talent search stage and at first I thought I heard somebody playing the radio. I heard songs by Ozzy and Metallica but suddenly realized that it was 2 kids off to the side of the talent show stage rockn out. These kids must not have been more then 12 and yet he was soloing on the guitar better than several of the artist I had seen previously at Riverbend. This was followed by a drum solo that was equally as good. I was impressed but had to find my company so I didn't stay long here either. Pat Benatar was alright. Nothing to get too excited about, unless you absolutely love the 80's, in which case it was a dream come true. ;) The fireworks this year were pretty decent. I think perhaps they were better last year and they were about on par with the fireworks they had for the grand opening of the pier.
In conclusion to Blogging Riverbend Festival I must say that I had a good time, even though I got behind a little there at the end. I would have to say the best act that I the 9 days was Gaelic Storm followed closely by Phat Phunktion. Both of which were on the UnumProvident Stage. I hope you enjoyed reading the reports about Riverbend. If I feel like it, I'll probably blog Riverbend again next year. But for now I'm back to the exciting life of a college student that occasionally has something exciting happen to him. :)
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