Saturday, June 11, 2005

Riverbend Festival 2005 Day 1 Report

So yesterday was a great first day of Riverbend and as I predicted, Phat Phunktion was great. To start the day off I was going to meet some friends to get some food and to get my pin. I got downtown a good while before anybody else did. So I took a trole with my camera. Took some pictures of the contruction of the new park next to Coolidge park from Market Street bridge. I thought since I didn't have a pin yet I'd go to the nearest enterance to Riverbend and pick up a program so I wouldn't have to remember which bands where playing where. The nearest gate happend to be the new one beside the new aquarium and the water flowing over the stairs. The gate was completely unmanned. I was rather dissapointed that they didn't have a program but I got to walk right in without a pin so I thought I'd go to another gate and see if they had programs at a gate that was possibly staffed. The Am South gate, and the main gate were staffed but no programs. :( I've been walking a round for about 20mins now, right next to the gate people that are suppose to be looking for pins, and nobody has said a word. I walk out yet another gate and go eat with my friends. After supper we all, with our pins, went back in the new gate that I went in and it was still not staffed. We didn't get there in time to see Rhonda Vincent, like I had hoped but we did catch the end of Saphire's first act after a brief and somewhat painful stop at Roy Harper (the yodling cowboy). The woman of Saphire were very talented and knew there stuff. They're the type of band that doesn't bring a playlist with them they just play what ever comes to mind and the moment. They were a bit racy but I suppose that's to be expected from woman that play the blues. Nevertheless, they were quite good and we stuck around to watch most their 2nd after Phat Phunktion. Phat Phunktion was a full of energy and played some great funk of thier own as well as some of the classics. I love big groups bands and they had 8 members that jammed well together. If you missed it, I told you so...
So here's the recomended list for tonight, along with requested audio clips when I could find them. (I'll organize these later but for now I just wanted to publish this for yall before it gets too late) hopefully this will help some, sorry I didn't get my schedule worked out just yet.
  • Sean Smith: "skillful artistry and musical style, Chatanooga-based (and UTC alumni) Sean Smith has captivated the ears and minds"
  • Mint Condition: R Listen
  • Freekbass: Really funky bass guitarist mp3 sample
  • Radio Daze Big Band: Big band of course, not too bad Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy 3.4 MB
  • Jonell Mosser: ok female contemporty/country vocalist Listen
  • Rob Russell & The Sore Losers: "American Roots music that encompassed bluegrass, country, blues, swing, and punk"The Score well this song isn't too bad but not sure about the rest of them. Go see Boyz II Men instead.
  • Jennifer Daniels: "earthy folk rock"Listen (you've probably hear this song) a staple at Riverbend and always worth seeing.
  • Lauren Ellis: "multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, especially known for her slide guitar playing" listen
  • Garret Tucker: guitarist that tries to hard website listen if flash
  • Up With The Joneses: "Chattanooga’s straight ahead, hard driving Rock n’ Roll local favorites" Always a good show.
  • Brad Passons: good local acoustic singer/song writter listen
  • Rodney Crowell: "leader of the new traditionalist movement of the mid-'80s, his ambitions extended far beyond the movement's parameters." Don't Get Me Started I have no idea what that means, but it sounds mostly like country too me.
  • Capt. Soularcat:" With their roots deeply embedded in Blues and Rock & Roll, Rome, Georgia's Capt. Soularcat combines the old and the new to create an incredibly unique sound." listen in flash funny name but sounds pretty decent
  • BOYZ II MEN: you should know how this is. Listen

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